Saturday, July 7, 2012

USA TODAY Reports: Low-carb diet burns the most calories in small study

On  July, 26th 2012 USA Today reported a study that proves a low-carb diet, similar to the Atkins diet, with only 10% of calories from carbohydrates will cause a person to burn 300 calories more a day then on a low-fat diet.

 "That's the amount you'd burn off in an hour of moderate intensity physical activity without lifting a finger," says senior author David Ludwig, director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children's Hospital.

"Participants burned 150 calories more on the low-glycemic index diet than the low-fat diet. That's about an hour of light physical activity," he says.

"We think the low-carb and low-glycemic index diets, by not causing the surge and crash in blood sugar, don't trigger the starvation response. When the body thinks it's starving, it turns down metabolism to conserve energy."

To sum up the article... If you can stick to a diet that emphasizes fish, chicken, beef, eggs, cheese, most vegetables and some fruits while eliminating foods such as breads, pasta, potatoes and starchy vegetables you will lose a lot of weight fast.

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