About Thin and Thinner

Thin and Thinner is a diet plan created by a mother and daughter who discovered over ten years ago, the secret to losing weight and keeping it off for good. After ten years of proven success on the same diet, Ida and Emily Fiorella felt compelled to spread the news by publishing their diet plan in a book titled Thin and Thinner.

Thin and Thinner is not an ordinary diet book, but rather a manual filled with tools and resources that details specific instructions on how to develop a personalized plan to acheive your weight loss goals.

Thin and Thinner is a low glycemic, diabetic friendly approach to shedding fat.

Find all the tools you need for success:

- Detailed meal plans
- Grocery Lists
- Delicious Recipes
- References to the latest research and resources

No chefs or special pre-packaged foods are needed. Simply eliminate the foods that make you fat. You supply the effort, and we supply the resources, support, and encouragement.

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