Monday, January 9, 2012

We Need to Make Changes in order to Lose Weight

Thinner’s Blog: To See Results, We Need to Make Changes

Can everyone lose weight on a low-carb diet? Sadly, not all people can, only those who are willing to change in order to see results. Making the necessary life changes requires the knowledge of a basic scientific principle: the human body cannot burn fat until it has burned through its carbohydrate stores. With this realization, one will truly understand what he/she needs to do in order to lose weight. It’s that simple.

“But, I can’t give up my pasta!”

“I won’t give up my bread!”

Passionate cries, such as the ones above, are irrelevant for good reasons, especially when one considers the extent to which that endearing pasta and bread are responsible for the “adipose tissue” (more commonly referred to as fat) on your hips, thighs, and belly.

One of the most amazing things about a low-carb diet is that cravings for sugar and starches will eventually disappear if the carb count is kept low enough (20 to 30 grams per day). Once you get through the first few weeks, the cravings will go away, and losing and then maintaining your new thin figure will be even easier.

But, when just starting a low carbohydrate diet, some people continue, for a short time, to have cravings for sugar and starches. Fortunately, there are effective strategies for overcoming these cravings. For example, low-carb recipe substitutions for those longed-for foods, such as chocolate candy, French toast, pasta, and mac and cheese are presented in our book, Thin and Thinner. Other ideas are on this blog, and many variations of these recipes and more are located within the many fine blogs available. (Check out Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb which is becoming the Grand Central Station of low-carb bloggers.) One of our main reasons for offering the blog is to assist you in overcoming the obstacles to permanent weight loss, one being the separation anxiety associated with carbohydrates.

There are a tremendous number of foods to choose from on a low carbohydrate diet. But, when I first started the life-style in 2001, I was not prepared for the changes that needed to be made. I cut out the carbs, but, I was not replacing them with anything. I was not in the habit of eating green vegetables, so I was primarily eating protein. At the time, I felt the diet was boring, and I would surely not have lasted. I could not go on eating eggs every morning for breakfast! I needed to start thinking outside the box. My mom is a pro at that. She came up with yogurt/oatmeal (minus the oats) for breakfast. It consists of ¼ cup of plain yogurt, ¼ cup of ground Anutra, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and a scoop (serving) of vanilla protein powder. When mixed together, it makes a delicious breakfast cereal that is much more delicious and satisfying than anything I have ever tasted. We call it YO’tmeal. As random as the ingredients sound, they each have their purpose in keeping us full, providing lasting energy and the nutrients we need to aid in digestion. Not to mention it is delicious… We have scores of wonderful recipes to share in Thin and Thinner, as well as on this blog over the months ahead, and it is our earnest hope that these ideas will help you along your low-glycemic journey.

If there is a food that you are craving, or having a difficult time giving up, please let us know, and we will get back to you with several suggestions for lower carb substitutions. Send inquiries to

P.S. This diet does become easy and enjoyable, especially because you can see and feel the results!

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  1. Every morning, i have 1/4 cup of frozen berries with a small canister of Activia yogurt, 1/4 cup of Fiber One original "twigs" and a handful of another cereal, such as Honeynut Cheerios or something tasty ( at least tastier than fiber cereal). I have had this same breakfast for the past 5 years but have recently started a low or slow-carb diet. If I continue to have this breakfast but eat low carb the rest of the day, will it make a significant dent in my results? If so, any suggestions?